Sunny Mosangzi Xu

Sunny Mosangzi Xu

Research assistant

Through previous projects and Ph.D. research, I have developed my expertise in multi-stakeholder collaborations in various contexts, particularly in urban development, sustainable transformation, system innovation, food entrepreneurship, and science production. 

Previously trained as an applied anthropologist, I specialize in ethnography, process, and practice theories. I try to challenge our often taken-for-granted assumptions in searching for alternative ways to understand and approach social phenomena and societal challenges. My current research interest is centered on the concept and phenomenon of boundaries, temporarily, space and Science.

Based on my research findings, I try to provide practical insights for assisting scientists, managers, funding agencies, and policymakers in facilitating better collaboration processes. 


I have been teaching Master's elective course Entrepreneurship and Innovation to Natural Science students, with a special focus on Human-centered approach, megatrends and problem formulation. I also teach business model, business model innovation, qualitative research and design thinking to natural science students. In this process, I try to inspire students with different mindsets and encourage them to do cross- and trans-disciplinary work in practice.


Fields of interest

Boundary; Materiality; Temporality; Organization Theory; Ethnography; Science


ID: 182567815