Stig Bo Andersen

Stig Bo Andersen

Research assistant

I have a Master’s degree in European Ethnology and work as a research assistant at Copenhagen Centre for Health Research in the Humanities.

In my master’s thesis I wrote about regenerative agriculture. I explored the doings of preparing and attend plants and soil and the careful attention of practitioners of regenerative agriculture to connections and coherences of the farm.

Current research

As research assistant I work on a sub research project within the project “From Work Life to Senior Life” (Fra Arbejdsliv Til Seniorliv). Here I explore elderly citizens use of public digital welfare solutions. This sub project’s point of departure is the term roughly translated to “digital supporting persons” which the government of Denmark introduced with the national digitalization strategy of 2022. We explore the different positions of doing digital support as family and friends as well as from the perspective of public-sector workers meeting elderly citizens in need of digital support.

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