Sofie Olsgaard Bergien

Sofie Olsgaard Bergien

PhD Student

My research takes its starting point in the daily life, belief, and needs of people. Through approaches such as participatory and co-creation methodologies, I aim to empower and involve people in all phases of my research projects – not only leverage their unique insights, but also to guide the research toward findings that can be implemented in concrete offerings that bring value to the people in question.

Current research

In my Ph.D. ”Aging with MS”, I investigate how older adults with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) experience and manage their everyday lives. The project is designed with inspiration from participatory research and draws on methods that seek to empower and involve the participants – including older adults with MS as well as employees at the Danish Multiple Sclerosis Society. The project is conducted as a Mixed Method study, including photovoice, interview, workshop, and survey-based data. A co-creation methodology is used to investigate how engagement of the project’s stakeholders can contribute to designing and developing relevant support offerings to older adults with MS in the future. A key co-creation element is the establishment of an advisory group consisting of eight older adults living with MS that contribute to the execution of the project. Further, a selected group of employees from the Danish MS Society will be invited to be part of the project and work with the translation of the results to initiatives on an on-going basis.

At the University of Copenhagen, I am affiliated at the Section of Health Service Research and Center of Healthy Aging


Fields of interest

Co-created research, aging, multiple sclerosis, patient and user involvement, mixed-method research, visual method. 

ID: 182566197