Søren Skov

Søren Skov


Skovlab - Professor Søren Skov

Regulation of Immune activation during compromised immune-homeostasis, e.g. cancer, infection (primarily Staph aureus), autoimmunity and transplantation.

Primary fields of research

Expert areas

Regulation of immunity in vitro and in vivo

Regulation of NK cells, γ/δ T lymphocytes, conventional T lymphocytes and Macrophages



Basic Immunology (SBIK19001U)

Current and Experimental Immunology (SBIK19002U)

Immunologi, Almen patologi og patofysiologi (SVEB13025U)

The Immune Defence and Cancer (SIIK16003U)

From Gene to Function in Pathogenic Bacteria (SBIK10182U)

Biokemi 2 (NPLB14031U)

Biomedicine (SVEK13010U)

Basic and Applied Immunology (PhD course)

Possible conflicts of interest

Collaborate or obtained funding from a range of private enterprises, including: Novo Nordisk A/S, Glycom/DSM, Macrophage Pharma, Klox Technologies, Cytovac A/S, HHC Medical, Amniotics AB, Defymed.

Paid teaching for courses organized by the private company MSC/MSConsult.

Member of the Editorial Board of Pathogens.

ID: 13652