Søren Marcus Pedersen

Søren Marcus Pedersen

Associate Professor


MSc 1993 from University of London, cand. agro 1995 from KVL (now KU-LIFE) and PhD from the Technical University of Denmark


Senior researcher since 2004 and researcher at FOI 1996-2004. Guest resercher at Silsoe Reserch Institute, UK, projectassistent at the Danish Agricultural Council 1995-1996


Curently working with technology assessment, production economics and research evaluation.


Course responsible of Technology Assessment and teacher in Biosystems engineering at KU-LIFE. Previously teacher in economics at DTU.

Administrative tasks

Workpackage leader in the following EU research projects: Future Farm, SAFIR and FERTORGANIC. Censor at DTU and KU-LIFE. Board member of Nordic Association of Agricultural Sciences, section IX, Agricultural Economics,

ID: 4238119