Søren Buus

Søren Buus

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    Name: Søren Buus                           

    Born: March 15th, 1956 in Copenhagen, Denmark

    Sex: Male                                     

    Citizenship: Danish

    Address: Floradalen 29, 2830 Virum 

    Phone: 28757885

    Email: SBuus@sund.ku.dk


    1981 MD, University of Århus, Denmark

    1994 DMSc, University of Copenhagen (UC), Denmark

    Current and past position:

    1996 -  Professor of Immunology, Dept. Immunology & Microbiology, UC

    1990-95, Associate professor, Dept. Microbiology, UC

    1988-90, “Senior stipendiat” (≈ postdoc), Dept. Experimental Immunology, UC

    1985-88, Res. Assistant, Nat’l Jewish Hospital, Denver (advisor: Howard M Grey)

    1982-85, “Kandidat stipendiat” (≈ graduate student), Department of Pathology, UC

    1981-82, MD (resident, Dept. of Abdominal Surgery, County Hospital of Århus

    Scientific Qualifications: Trained primarily in the biology of antigen processing and presentation, and the biochemistry of peptide-MHC interaction. Generated some of the crucial experiments and ideas that led to the paradigm shift towards the modern view of T cell recognition. Generated technologies matching the enormous diversity of MHC molecules and their peptide ligands: functional recombinant HLA class-I (HLA-I) and –II (HLA-II) molecules, high-throughput assays to generate data, pan-specific HLA predictors capable of coping with the ever-increasing number of polymorphic members of the HLA loci, methods to generate HLA tetramers.

    Awards: Kandidatstipendiat (1982), Carlsberg Foundation Stipend (1985), Janice S Lewald Stipend (Natl Jew Hosp, 1986), Seniorstipend (1988), Classenske Fideicommis’s Award (1989), Dyssegaards Award (1996), Friis’s Award (2008), Simon Spies Award (2008), Knighted by the Danish Queen (2014).

    Project management experience: Partner in 13 (6 as coordinator) international and 6 national multi-center projects.

    Research Interest / Scientific focus areas: Antigen processing and presentation, T cell stimulation and responses, biochemistry (receptor-ligand interactions), cellular immunology, biotechnology, bioinformatics, TcR biochemistry and specificity. Since about 2006, high-density peptide microarrays and their use in epitope mapping (including B cell epitopes).

    Publications: ORCID# 0000-0001-8363-1999, 221 peer-reviewed original publications (H-index 55, March 2018) 30 reviews

    Teaching experience: Created the curriculum for immunology teaching of medicine as well as human biology at the UC. Advisor to >21 past or present Ph.D. students and 7 post-doctoral fellows.


    MD, PhD

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