Simon Hartling

Simon Hartling

Teaching Associate Professor

I have a cand.mag. in French and a master's in African Studies from the University of Copenhagen. In 2012, I defended my PhD. in French at Linnaeus University in Sweden.
In my PhD thesis I wrote about the civil war novels of the Algerian writer Yasmina Khadra. I examined the strategies Khadra uses to emerge as an authority in the portrayal of the Algerian civil 
war in the 1990s. The thesis was partly based on theories within literary realism, partly on theories about the presentation of extreme violence in literature, including testimonial literature.
As a teacher and researcher, I work particularly with francophone literature from Africa, literary categories and concepts such as francophone literature and world literature, as well as with 
translation of French-language literature.


Francophone literatures and cultures. Modern French History. French philosophy. Translation French-Danish.

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