Simo Køppe

Simo Køppe



8th of January 1951, Copenhagen



  • Doctor of Medical Science (University of Copenhagen, 2004)
  • Ph. D. in Biology (Department of Microbiology, University of Copenhagen, 1990)
  • MA in psychology (Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen, 1977)
  • in Psycholinguistics (University of Copenhagen,1974)


Current position:


Professor mso


Previous positions:

1996 - 2011

Associate professor, Theory of science, Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen


Assistant professor, Theory of the human sciences, Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen.


3-year research fellowship . Danish Research Council for the Humanities and  Danish Medical Research Council. Research topic: A epistemological and ontological analysis of recent cross scientific theories in natural sciences and humanities.


Postgraduate senior fellowship, Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen


Postgraduate fellowship, Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen. Research topic: The historical development of the concepts of psychopathology 


15 month research fellowship, Danish Research Council for the Humanities. Research topic: Strategic initiative “Science of Science”, with the specific topis “Analysis and description of the development of psychology in Denmark”.


1-year research fellowship, Danish Research Council for the Humanities and Danish Medical Research Council.  Research topic: Further sudies in the neuropsychology of S.Freuds scientific work.







Administration and evaluation experience


Member of different assessment committees (2000-):

Chairman for two assessment committees of doctoral dissertation, two committees for assistant professorship, one for associate professorship. Chairman for assessments of two PhD dissertations, chairman for two assessments committee for PhD applications.


Elected member of The Royal Danish Academy of Science (2005-)




Member of different administrative committees (1995-2010):

Research committee (5  years 3 as chairman, chairman for publication committee (3 years), library committee (6 years), department council (5 years), department board (9 years),

Academic council at the faculty (3 years).

Administrator and co-responsible for the ‘minor subject’ in psychology,  - in the early years at Open University (1993-1998).

Developing, programming,  maintenance (including generating reports) and execute data entries of database with publications and academic activities  for all academic employee at the department (1992-1998).


PhD administration

Member of the board  The Danish Research School of Psychology (2000-2008).

Responsible for the administration of PhD courses at the department (2008-2010).

Chairman for different sorts of PhD committees (PhD coordinator, PhD manager, head of Phd program at the department) (1995-2010):

Each year performance and development review with each PhD student (45 – 50 in 2010). Manage revision of study program and homepage, each year producing different statistics and tables to the faculty, yearly arrange information meetings for the new PhD students, each year a seminar for all PhD students at the department, responsible for communication with applicants for PhD scholarship, responsible for daily based communication with all PhD students regarding, applications for funding, problems with their supervisors etc., participation in Graduate School of Social Sciences, signing all PhD students half year reports, participation in the departments management team (meetings 10-14 in each semester), manage PhD programme committee,  meetings in PhD programme committee, take decision on each PhD students application for financial support (courses, participation in research activities, including stays at other and sometimes foreign environments,  statistical consultant, software, hardware etc.).

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