Sidsel Kirstine Harder

Sidsel Kirstine Harder

Assistant Professor - Tenure Track

  • Office Hours Thursday at 1-2 PM in 16.0.51

My research focuses on sexuality, criminology and qualitative methods. At the moment I am analysing data from child sexual abuse hotlines to find out what triggers digital bystanders to react and report pornography. I have recently worked on a report to the EU Commision on platforms for user generated sexual images.

In my Ph.D. I studied how the then new pheomena of sexting and non-consentual sexual images changes young people’s life and sexuality, building on and developing our current knowledge about young people’s use of pornography. The project consisted of a narrative and visual analysis of qualitative data both from police cases of non-consensual pornography and from interviews with young people about sexting. (Photo credit: Thomas Berthelsen)

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