Sarah Strøyer de Voss

Sarah Strøyer de Voss

PhD fellow

Current research

I am a doctor graduated from the University of Copenhagen in 2019. I have finished the first year of the specialist training to become a general practioner (introduction). I am currently working on my Ph.D-project in general medicine. You can read more about it below:

  • Children and families' wellbeing: I am affiliated with 'Project Family Wellbeing', which is a cluster randomised controlled trial investigating the effect of a web-intervention (, and aiming to increase parental mentalization skills along with their own emotions.

  • Structured child records: In 'Project Family Wellbeing', all the health care professionals have applied new, structured child records with increased psychosocial focus during the developmental assessments in general practice.

  • Increased psychosocial focus in the developmental assessments: is further investigated in my Ph.D-project by the use of qualitative and quantitative methods.

  • Parent-child interaction: is also incorporated in the stuctured child records. I am certified in coding of parental sensitivity and cooperation. 

  • Parent-child attachment during pregnancy: and its association with infant crying and maternal depression is currently investigated in collaboration with psychologists at the Institute of Psychology, University of Copenhagen.

Furthermore, I have followed the work in parent-child interaction and attachment while staying abroad at the William James Centre for Research, ISPA University, Lisbon.

Areas of interest

  • Mental health in children and adolescents
  • Psychomotor development in children
  • Parent-child interaction
  • Attachment in children

Teaching and supervision:

  • 'Early patient contact' on 1st semester in Medical School, University of Copenhagen, 2022-2023 (72 hours)
  • 'Research training' which is a part of the GP specialist training, Centre of General Practice, 2023 (84 hours)
  • Co-supervisor on master thesis, Public Health, University of Copenhagen, 2023
  • Co-supervisor on a project during the master, Public Health, University of Copenhagen, 2022

Possible conflict of interest:

  • Received funding for my Ph.D project from TrygFonden
  • Received funding for a study from Lilly & Herbert Hansens Fond
  • Member of FYAM and DSAM (organisations for doctors in general practice)
  • No personal financial conflict of interest

ID: 200707984