Sandra Søgaard Tøttenborg

Sandra Søgaard Tøttenborg

Associate Professor

My primary research interests are centered around how our work and surrounding environment impact our health. A core focus of my work is understanding how chemical exposures that occur during the vulnerable periods of fetal development shape disease risks and influence health outcomes later in life.

I have solid experience in working with register-based research, longitudinal datasets, and complex statistical modelling including mixture effects of chemicals.

I am currently heading three large projects:

  • Occupational and Environmental Exposures (EXCOVER) partnership
  • Fetal exposure to chemical mixtures: long-term effects on human health
  • The Fetal Programming of Semen Quality (FEPOS) cohort
  • The Health Effects of PCBs in indoor Air (HESPAIR) cohorts

I am also Head og Research at Department of Occupational and Environmental Health at Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospital. 

ID: 38046263