Sandra Lori Petersen

Sandra Lori Petersen

External Researcher

Current research

In the project ”What is Neighbour Noise?” I explore when the sound of neighbours is experienced as disturbing noise to inhabitants of multi-storey buildings. The project aims at supplementing the existing research around noise primarily based on quantitative methods with qualitative descriptions of how sound – and especially noise – is experienced. It centers around six months of fieldwork in multi-storey buildings in the Copenhagen area and in Struer in Western Jutland. It is furthermore part of the ambition of the project to strengthen the transdisciplinary dialogue in the area of noise research for example by continuously be in conversation with acousticians in the fields of building and architectural acoustics and psychoacoustics.

The project is planned to run for three years, started February 2018 and is supported by Grundejernes Investeringsfond (Investment Fund of Landowners) and Realdania.

Primary fields of research

  • Sound, hearing, senses
  • Experienced noise
  • Neighbourliness, homeliness, the materiality of the home
  • Mediated relations, intimacy and distance
  • Radio, community radio, podcasts
  • Voice, identity
  • Migrant communities
  • Regional areas: Denmark, France, Québec (Canada)

ID: 23051087