Sabrina Vitting-Seerup

Sabrina Vitting-Seerup


Sabrina Vitting-Seerup is a Postdoc at the Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen, where she focuses on the different ways science communication can work with and involve UN’s Sustainable Developmental Goals. She especially works with the development goals of reduced inequalities and gender equality (SDG 10 & 5) and uses an experimental approach combining theory and practice.

Sabrina's work with ‘Inclusive Science Communication’ has a strong foundation in museum studies, although her research does not solely focus on science communication performed in cultural institutions. Her dissertation did, however, focus on how Danish cultural institutions work to represent ethnic minorities. She thereby gained insight into the way Danish museums work, and started studying the inclusion and exclusion mechanisms, she works with in a research communication context today.

In addition to her academic career, Sabrina runs her own company, Ren Snak. In Ren Snak, Sabrina both disseminates the research she herself is involved with and teaches others how to make their science communication more impactful.


Primary fields of research

  • Science Communication
  • Science Education
  • UN's Sustainable Development Goals
  • Trans- and Interdisciplinarity
  • Aestethical formats as communication
  • Cultural institutions: Communication, curation and inclusive initiatives
  • Cultural representations in art and culture
  • Identity theory and processes connected to gender, ethnicity, sexuality and racialization
  • Popular culture: Comics, pop music, TV series, etc.
  • Danish discourse on migrants and descendants
  • Othering processes


  • Science Communication
  • Science Education
  • Diversity and inclusion processes
  • UN's Sustainable Development Goals
  • Communication in and around cultural institutions
  • Cultural policy - focusing on cultural institutions
  • Representation of minorized individuals and communities
  • Othering processes ("The other", "The stranger")
  • European and North American Comics

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