Sabina Schousboe

Sabina Schousboe

PhD fellow

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    Current research

    In my PhD project, I am interested in the role perceptions and daily journalistic practices in journalistic fact-checking newsrooms. The project goes into the field to analyse and discuss the journalistic fact-checking practice. Here, it undertakes a constructive position wanting to investigate and potentially develop a concurrent practice.

    My PhD project is part of the research project "Tell Me the Truth: Fact-checkers in an age of epistemic instability" (funded by the Carlsberg Foundation). The TMT project understands the establishment of facts as a fundamentally rhetorical practice where people argue for and try to gain support for their way of understanding and conveying the truth. In this context, the growing number of fact-checkers play a key role – the project argues – not as objective truth-tellers, but as an integrated and mediating part of the argumentative process taking a critical approach to the many interpretations.

    My supervisor is Mette Bengtsson.


    In the spring semester 2023, I am teaching the BA course 'Rhetoric in Society'.

    ID: 318003322