Robin Engelhardt

Robin Engelhardt

Teaching associate professor

Robin Engelhardt works at the Center for Information and Bubble Studies (CIBS). His academic background is a Ph.D. in Mathematical Biology and Complex Systems from the Niels Bohr Institute, and a B.A. in Comparative European Literature from the University of Copenhagen. Robin has also worked as an interdisciplinary science educator, as a science writer for various Danish newspapers, and as a game designer.

Primary Research

Robin's research at CIBS focuses on computational social science, social cognition and most recently on the design of online experiments and games. Homepage:

Robin can best be reached through mail or by telephone, +45/26300403.

Possible Conflicts of Interest

Other than working as a science journalist and editor at various Danish newspapers and magazines my employers have all been not-for-profit universities. I have never accepted personal gifts or payments from a manufacturer of a drug, a device, or any other commercial product. However, I have received research grants (or benefited from research grants received by others) from: The Carlsberg Foundation, Trygfonden, Knud Højgaards Fond, The Danish Ministry of Children and Education, The European Union (e-Ten, IST, and others), The Danish University of Education (now The University of Aarhus),  and the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. Once in a while I do receive salaries for lectures given, for example from F.L.Smidth, The Danish Society of Engineers, The Velux Foundation, and various folk high schools. I have been a paid judge at FDB’s Green Idea Prize. I own a small one-man company that occasionally develops learning games and teaching materials via public funding. Other than bank and retirement savings accounts, I do not (nor does anyone from my nearest family) own stocks, nor do we have any other financial interests in for-profit companies. I do not let financial interests of close friends or acquaintances play any role in my professional decisions. I donate regularly to NGO’s working for the environment, for marginalized and vulnerable people, and for an open and inclusive society. My ideological and moral convictions determine what kind of work I engage in and what kind of work I deem as being destructive and therefore do not touch. Nevertheless, any results drawn from my empirical research are not (at least not consciously) influenced by my ideological, political, or moral outlook. Any subjective interpretations or higher-level judgments that are based on my or other’s research are of course inevitably linked to personal convictions, and are therefore also approachable for criticism and debate.

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