Ricardo Andres Vasquez Dazarola

Ricardo Andres Vasquez Dazarola

PhD fellow

I am a Chilean Lawyer who graduated from the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Chile (2011), and the Advanced LL.M. in Law and Digital Technologies from the Universiteit Leiden, the Netherlands (2020). Currently, I am developing doctoral studies at the Centre for European and Comparative Legal Studies (CECS) at the Faculty of Law. There, I am focusing my research on potential (legal) responses to tackle disinformation on social media platforms during electoral periods under EU law. 

Current research

PhD Title: Potential Responses to Online Disinformation on Social Media Platforms During Electoral Periods: Combating this Threat Under the European Union Regulatory Framework Lens.

Project Period: August 2022 – August 2025.

Supervisor: professor Dr Helle Krunke.

Co-Supervisor: professor Dr Iryna Marchuk.

Centre for European and Comparative Legal Studies (CECS).


The PhD project aims to study the harms and consequences of disinformation on social media platforms during elections periods, the legal challenges in regulating this threat under EU law, and the current normative landscape in the region, in order to determine the most suitable responses (regulatory/legislative) to disinformation during electoral periods in the EU. The before-mention will be done from a multilevel responsibility perspective where different stakeholders have a degree of responsibility in combating disinformation.


Guest Lecturer in the Regulating Internet Giants - Google, Amazon and Facebook course (professor Veronika Fikfak).

ID: 318004553