Rene Lametsch

Rene Lametsch

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    Curriculum vitae


    Name:                                 René Lametsch

    Date of Birth:                    August 23rd, 1971, Denmark.

    Address:                            Brønshøj, Copenhagen, Denmark




    1991:                                   High school graduation, Esbjerg, Denmark

    1999:                                   Master degree in Chemistry and Biotechnology, University of Aarhus, Denmark.

    2003:                                   Ph.D. from University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark.


    Research and professional experience

    1999:                                   Research Assistant, Department of Animal Product Quality, Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences.

    2000:                                   Ph.D. study at Department of Animal Product Quality, Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, “Proteomics in Meat Science”.  With Prof. Peter Roepstorff, University of Southern Denmark and Scientist Emøke Bendixen, Danish Institute of agricultural Sciences as supervisors.

    2003:                                   Assistant Professor, Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen, (former: Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University), Copenhagen.  

    2006:                                   Associate Professor, Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen (former: Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University), Copenhagen.

    2008:                                   Sick leave (6 months)

    2009:                                   Parent leave (3 months).

    2011:                                   Parent leave (3 months).

    2013:                                   Sick leave (6 months).


    Scientific interest and experience

    My primary research area is meat science with focus on obtaining a better understanding of the basic biochemical mechanism that is influencing the quality of raw meat and meat products. My research is also focusing on improving sustainability in the slaughter industry.


    I am an expert in the use of proteomics in meat science and have experience with different types of gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometry used in proteomics.



    International experience

    1995/96:                              Exchange student at the Technical University of Vienna, Austria.

    2001:                                   Three months stay at Australian Proteome Analysis Facility (APAF) at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.

    2005:                                   Three weeks stay at the Proteome Centre Rostock at the University of Rostock, Germany.

    2006:                                   Three months stay at the Department of Animal Science, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USA.






    • ·         Appointed as Distinguished Professor of Institute of Food Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) (2016)



    Research Projects (total founding more than 25 million Dkr)



    “Flavoprot- Flavour of protein hydrolysates from animal protein” Financed by Norma og Frode S. Jacobsens Fond (2016-2019). The aim of the project is create flavourful protein hydrolysates products while maximizing the utilization of animal products flow.


    “Peptaste- Process development for neutralization of bitterness in protein ingredients made by hydrolysis of by-products from the slaughter industry” Financed by GUDP, Ministry of Food, Denmark. (2016-2019). The Object is to reduce the bitter taste in protein hydrolysates made from side-streams from the slaughter industry.


    “Enzymatic hydrolysis of haemoglobin for new protein ingredients” Financed by the Pork Levy foundation (2016-2018). The object is to develop a protein ingredients with a natural taste from haemoglobin.      


    “Enzymatic hydrolysis of blood for protein rich supplements” Post doc project financed by Future Food Innovation and Danish Crown Ingredients (2015-2016). The object is to establish an enzymatic based extraction of the protein part of haemoglobin.


    “NEXIM – New x-ray imaging modalities for safe and high quality food” Financed by FøSU (2012-2016). The object is to investigate the potential of using phase contrast X-ray in the food industry.


    “Raman-PAT approach for quality monitoring in meat industry”, PhD project financed by TI-DMRI, CRS and KU-LIFE (2011-2014).

    The object is to investigate the potential of using Raman for quality monitoring in the meat industry.


    “Use of protein hydrolysates obtained from meat by-products as natural and healthy ingredients for food products” Financed by the Danish Research Council (2011-2015) Part of Inspire. The object is to use protein hydrolysates as natural functional ingredients for food products.    


    “Characterization of the key enzymes involved in the post-mortem glycolysis”, PhD project financed by KU-LIFE (2009-2012).

    The Object is to identify the key enzymes during the post-mortem glycolysis by monitoring changes in protein phosphorylation.  


    “Modification of fat using innovative enzyme technology approaches for meat products”, Financed by the EU-project “Q-Porkchains” and Fødevareforskningsprogrammet 2007 (2007-2011)

    The object is to investigate the use of modified fat to improve meat products. 


    “Protein Modifications Related to Meat Quality”, Financed by the FTP under the Danish Research Agency and the Danish Meat Research Institute (2006-2008).

    The object is to investigate the relation between protein modification such as oxidation and phorphosrylation and meat quality.


    “Proteomics as a Tool to Characterise Markers for Proteolysis in Meat Tenderisation”, Financed by FELFO under the The Danish Research Agency (2003-2006).

    The object is to identify specific activity markers for proteolytic enzymes involved in post mortem proteolysis with proteome analysis and use these activity markers to differentiate the activity of the different proteolytic enzymes involved in post mortem proteolysis.


    “Fungal stress response in relation to preservation of meat products”, Financed by the graduate school FOOD, DTU, and the Danish Meat Research Institute (2005-2008).

    The object of the project is to investigate the effect of selected stress factors on traditional physiological characteristics and metabolism and then compare this to changes in the fungal proteome. This is expected to give new insight in the basic mechanisms of fungal stress response, which can form the basis of a new approach to preservation


    “Bæredygtig økologisk svineproduktion, ressourceudnyttelse og spisekvalitet”. Financed by Direktoratet for FødevareErhverv (2003-2005).

    The object is to investigate the influence of different feeding strategies on meat quality in organic pig production.


    Committees and Networks

    • ·         Study Board for Food, Health and excises (2019-)
    • ·         Member of International Supervisor board, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (2016-)
    • ·         Industrial meat education board (2014-)
    • ·         Steering group, Muscle based food network 2013- )
    • ·         Steering group of Danish Proteomics Society (2006-).
    • ·         Chairman of the strategic network “Molecular Functionality”,  (LMC) (2010-2012).
    • ·         Advisory research group, Center for advanced food studies (LMC) (2008-2010)
    • ·         Chairman of working group of Systembiology and Food Quality (LMC) (2006).
    • ·         Chairman of the research council at the department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen (2008-2010).
    • ·         Research council at the department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen (2005-2008).
    • ·         Steering group of Centre for Applied Bioinformatics, University of Copenhagen (2005-2011).      



    • ·         Design of Experiments, Umetrics
    • ·         Q Exactive Biotech, Training course, Thermo Fisher  



    Invited Oral Presentation

    2016:          Proteomic in meat science. International workshop of meat quality and processing technology. Beijing, China.

    2014:          The Future of Proteomics in Meat Science. Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing, China. 

    2012:          Proteomics in Meat Science. University of Extremadura, Caceres, Spain.

    2012:          Meatomics. Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing, China.  

    2011:          Proteomics in Meat Science. RMC, Reciprocal Meat Conference, Manhattan, Kanses, US.

    2010:          Postmortem activity of calpains, FASEB Congress, Carefree, Arizona, US.

    2009:          Influence of pH on Calpain activity. Biology of the Calpain in Health and Disease, FASEB Summer Research Conferences, Carefree, Arizona, USA

    2009:          Meatomics, International Congress of Meat Science and Technology, Copenhagen, Denmark.

    2008:          Enzyme activity in meat, Cost 928, Control and exploitation of enzymes for added-value food products, Istanbul, Turkey

    2008:          Post harvest processes that influence myofibrillar protein degradation and meat quality. ADSA-ASAS Joint annual meeting, Indianapolis, Indiana, US

    2006:          Proteomics in Meat Science. Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, US.

    2005:          Application of Proteomics in Meat Research. Joint Annual Meeting, Cincinnati, Ohio, US.

    2004:          Proteomics and Meat Quality. Life Style Challenges to Food Science & Technology, Food Congress, Copenhagen.

    2004:          Proteomics in Food Science, Proteomics Seminar, Bio-Rad, Copenhagen.


    Supervising of Ph.D


    Qian Le (2018-2021)

    Daniel Tsegay Berhe (2011-2014)

    Trine Desiree Damgaard (2011-2014)

    Honggang Huang (2009-2012)

    Rikke Miklos (2007-2012)


    Co-supervisor Ph.D student

    Bhaskar Mitra (2014-2017)

    Sorivan Chhem-Kieth (2015-2018)

    Luigi Pomponio (2006-2009)

    Louise Marie Sørensen (2005-2009)

    Maria Louise Rentsch (2006-2009)



    Teaching experience


    Course responsible for Biokemi 1


    Course responsible for Meat internship


    Course responsible for Meat Technology and Packaging


    Course responsible Råvare kvalitet 


    Instructor /lectures on the course “Modern techniques in protein analysis” (MS technologies), University of Southern Denmark.


    Lectures on the courses “Meat Production”, “Fundamental principles of meat quality” and “Food Enzymes and Applications”, “Fødevareproduktion, samfund og sundhed”, “Dairy product technology 2”, “Food ingredients and structure design”, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.


    Responsible for the Master course “Food-Biotechnology” (6 ETCS)


    Responsible for the Ph.D. course “Advanced Meat Science” 



    cand. scient. , Ph.D.

    ID: 4222842