Rebecca Leigh Rutt

Rebecca Leigh Rutt

Associate Professor

I'm an 'undisciplined' social scientist working in the broad field of political ecology, with research experience in multiple sites, from the urban sustainability agendas of Copenhagen, Denmark to the European Union policy realm and practices aimed at preventing trade of illegal forest products, to struggles over control of community forests in Nepal. Most recently, I am working at the nexus of industrial animal production and the rise of infectious disease - the so-called 'pandemic era'- through a 4-yr interdisciplinary research project PANDEMEAT (Pandemic Entanglements: The Political Ecology of Industrial Meat Production in the ‘Pandemic Era’) with partners from the University of Oslo. I'm inspired by research and education in relation to social, environmental, and ecological justice and feminist political ecology, and by the pluriversal degrowth global movement.  

I am a Course Responsible for Motivation and Pro-Environmental Behaviour: Managing Change (MSc), Gender, Environment, and Sustainable Development (MSc), Natur og Landskabspolitik (Nature and Landscape Policy and Politics; BA) and I co-teach Environmental Justice (MSc). I recently organized the PhD courses Degrowth and socioecological justice across disciplines (2024);  Degrowth: Foundations in Theory (2021), and Degrowth Praxis (2021). I frequently guest lecture on topics such as rethinking and rebuilding the economy (as a 'care-full' economy), food justice, participation and inclusion in theory and practice, and am moving into debates on masculinities, care, and commoning.

Selected publications

Killing with care? The potentials at the sustainability/masculinity nexus in an ‘alternative’ Danish slaughterhouse / Rutt, R.L. & Tjørring, L. 2024. Agriculture and Human Values

Animal geographies of industrial animal agriculture in the Pandemic Era: the tragedy and insecurity of multispecies ethnography / Mc Loughlin, E., Rutt, R.L., Nielsen, N.D. & Skriver Møller, A. 2024. Scottish Geographical Journal.

Growing up sustainable? Politics of race and youth in Urbanplan, Copenhagen / Ritts, M. & Rutt, R.L. 2023. Urban Geography.

The "brother layer problem": Routine killing, biotechnology and the pursuit of ‘ethical sustainability’ in industrial poultry / Rutt, R.L. & Jakobsen, J. 2023. Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space 6(3): 1785-1803.

Cultivating urban conviviality: urban farming in the shadows of Copenhagen's neoliberalism. / Rutt RL. 2020. Journal of Political Ecology 27(1): 612-634.

Whose Park? The forty-year fight for Folkets Park under Copenhagen’s evolving urban managerialism. / Rutt, R.L. & Loveless, S. 2018. People, Place and Policy 12(2): 99-117.

FLEGT : another "forestry fad"? / Rutt, R.L., Myers, R., Ramcilovic-Suominen, S; McDermott, C. 2018. Environmental Science & Policy (89): 266-272.

Quests for justice and mechanisms of suppression in Flint, Michigan. / Rutt, R.L. & Bluwstein, J. 2017. Environmental Justice 10(2): 27-35.

Recent contributions to public debate

Vi må gøre op med vækstmanien / Lund, Jens FriisRøpke, I.Gaarsmand Jacobsen, S.Buch-Hansen, H. & Rutt, Rebecca Leigh6 Jun 2020In: Dagbladet Politiken. p.5 

Collaborative Feminist Degrowth: Pandemic as an Opening for a Care-Full Radical Transformation / Feminist and Degrowth Alliance (FaDa)20 Apr 2020, Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie.


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