Rebecca Adler-Nissen

Rebecca Adler-Nissen

Professor, Deputy Head of Centre, Professor

Rebecca Adler-Nissen is Professor of International Relations at the Department of Political Science and Director of Strategic Partnerships at the Copenhagen Centre for Social Data Science (SODAS), University of Copenhagen.

Her research and teaching focuses on international relations theory (especially international political sociology, sovereignty, stigma, status, recognition, norms and practice theory), diplomacy, digital technologies, tech policy and regulation as well as European integration. Her research often combines anthropological and computational methods.

Rebecca Adler-Nissen leads the research group Digital Sovereignty, funded by the VELUX Foundation. She has previosly led the ERC-project DIPLOFACE. She was co-PI of the HOPE-project and PI of the research group Digital Disinformation. She has received numerous prizes, including the Distinguished Scholar prize from the Diplomatic Studies section of the International Studies Association, the Elite Research Award from the Danish Ministry of Education and Research, the Nils Klim Prize and the silver medal from The Royal Danish Academy for Sciences and Letters.

Rebecca Adler-Nissen has been a visiting research fellow at the Centre for International Security Studies (University of Sydney), Centre for International Peace and Security Studies (McGill University/Université de Montréal) and the European University Institute in Florence. She is former Head of Section in the Department of European Policy, at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Previously, Rebecca has been project manager at the Confederation of Danish Industry and research analyst at the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS). 

Office hours: Thursdays 11.30-12.30

Supervision of PhD students

Current: Anna Helene Kvist Møller (with Anders Blok, Nicklas Johansen (with Andreas Bjerre), Mathilde Bro Hansen.

Completed: Alexei Tsinovoi (2018), Michael Bossetta (2019), Mareike Hartmann (with Anders Søgaard) (2019) Yevgeniy Golovchenko (2020), Øyvind Svendsen (2020), Larissa Versloot (2023)

Research related activities

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