Rasmus Grønved Nielsen

Rasmus Grønved Nielsen

Associate Professor

Member of:

    Associate professor of administrative law, doctor of laws (doctor juris) on a dissertation on Administrative Contracts, 2021, course responsible for General Administrative Law (4th semester)

    Primary fields of research

    General administrative law, in particular, 1) "private" administrative law, ie public authorities acting in private law contexts, eg as contract parties, tortfeasors, company participants, creditors, litigants etc., 2) European administrative law, especially the influence of the European Convention of Human Rights, and 3) the history of administrative law.

    Current research

    Contracts & administrative law - introduction to administrative contract law (monography, Danish).

    Liability of public authorities (monography, Danish, in cooperation with professor, dr.jur. Andreas Ehlers).

    A.F. Krieger's prize paper from 1839 on judicial review (publication and commentary, Danish, in cooperation with professor emeritus, dr.jur. & phil. Ditlev Tamm).

    Homage to Poul Andersen on the 100 years anniversary of his groundbreaking doctoral dissertation from 1924 (anthology, Danish).



    Public Administration in a Private Law Perspective, Administrative Law, Liability of Public Authorities, Tort and Contract, Digital Administration

    ID: 172786598