Rasmus Fensholt

Rasmus Fensholt


Remote sensing/Earth observation ecology studies of terrestrial ecosystems.

Overarching research goals: Quantitative assessment of carbon/water fluxes of terrestrial vegetation and advancing our knowledge about forcing mechanisms (human vs. climate induced) of changes in functioning of vegetation ecosystem services.

Research relates to: global environmental change, land system science, climate change, primary productivity monitoring, carbon stocks, forest degradation, plant water stress, land degradation, land surface phenology.

10 Relevant recent senior authored publications:

Tucker, C., Brandt, M., Hiernaux, P., Kariryaa, A., Rasmussen, K., Small, J., Igel, C., Reiner, F., Melocik, K., Meyer, J., Sinno, S., Romero, E., Glennie, E., Fitts,Y., Morin, A., Pinzon, J., McClain, D., Morin, P,. Porter, C., Loeffler, S., Kergoat, L., Issoufou, B., Savadogo, P., Wigneron, J.P., Poulter, B., Ciais, P., Kaufmann, R., Myneni, R., Saatchi, S.  and Fensholt, R. (2023). Sub-continental-scale carbon stocks of individual trees in African drylands. Nature, 615(7950), 80-86.

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Zhang, W., Schurgers, G., Peñuelas, J., Fensholt, R., Yang, H., Tang, J., Tong, X., Ciais, P. and Brandt, M. (2023). Recent decrease of the impact of tropical temperature on the carbon cycle linked to increased precipitation. Nature Communications, 14(1), p.965.

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Grogan, K., Pflugmacher, D., Hostert, P., Mertz, O. and Fensholt, R. (2019). Unravelling the link between global rubber price and tropical deforestation in Cambodia. Nature Plants, 5, 47–53. 


ID: 11318