Peter Waaben Thulstrup

Peter Waaben Thulstrup

Associate Professor

Protein and nucleic acid structures and development of their synthetic modification as tools to investigate aspects of biological chemistry


Scientific interests and techniques:

Bioinorganic, inorganic and physical chemistry; in particular:

  • Understanding the chemistry, function, and structural dynamics of biological macromolecules with particular regard to the role of metal ions
  • Metal ion uptake and regulation in biological systems
  • Peptide and protein (mis-)folding and self-assembly
  • Ordered systems and chirality
  • Circular and linear dichroism spectroscopy
  • Absorbance, fluorescence, and NMR spectroscopy including X nuclei
  • Small molecule dynamics and photophysics and applied computational chemistry


Main scientific equipment:

 Jasco J-815 spectropolarimeter with capabilities for CD, fluorescence, MCD (1.5 T), stopped-flow kinetics, automated titration, and flow linear dichroism spectroscopy.

  • Jasco FP-6300 Spectrofluorometer, Shimadzu UV-2401PC UV-VIS and Shimadzu UV-3600 UV-VIS-NIR, liquid nitrogen cryostats and an extensive collection of optical cells for various purposes.
  • Nicolet FT-IR for solid, liquid and gas analysis and other instruments for vibrational spectroscopy.
  • Joint facilities with the research group include GMO and radiochemistry laboratories.

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