Peter Krogstrup Jeppesen

Peter Krogstrup Jeppesen

Executive Director, Professor, Professor

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    Peter Krogstrup is a Professor at UPCH and has a Starting Grant from The European Research Council (ERC). Peter Krogstrup is also a Principal Researcher for the Project Q Experimental Physics Initiative which is a collaboration project between the University of Copenhagen and Microsoft. Furthermore, Peter Krogstrup is engaged by Microsoft to perform quantum research.

    Primary fields of research

    His main research interests are the field between material science and quantum  transport with an ambition to produce new materials for future quantum electronic applications. Currently, his focus is directed towards controlling the formation of heterostructure III-V/superconductor nanowires for topological superconductor devices.

    Possible conflicts of interest

    Peter Krogstrup has a dual appointment with UCPH and Microsoft.

    ID: 15747704