Peter Edelberg

Peter Edelberg

Teaching associate professor, Teaching Associate Professor

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    Current Research

    From 2019 through 2023 I was part of a Scandinavian research group, studying Scandinavian LGBT-history under the headline: 'A Nordic Queer Revolution? Homo- and Trans-Activism in Denmark, Norway and Sweden 1948-2018'. The project is transnational, and my part dealt with the Scandinavian LGBT associations in the twentieth century.

    From 2012 through 2014 I was doing a post.doc. in a larger Nordic project, History of Nordic Historiography beyond Methodological Nationalism - Comparative and Cross-National Perspectives, c. 1850s onwards. In my part I focus on the breakthrough of social history in the 1960s in the Nordic countries and the methodological and theoretical discussions that followed.

    Most of my publications are available on ResearchGate:

    Other Research Areas

    Danish and European History in the twentieth century

    gender and sexuality
     - homosexuality
     - prostitution
     - pornography
     - paedophilia
     - masculinity

    the history of the welfare state
     - democratization
     - crime
     - police
     - disciplining
     - child care
     - subjectification

    historiography and theory of history
     - theories and methods of cultural history
     - post-structuralist method and theory
     - classical and functional source criticism
     - Michel Foucault and his successors
     - queer theory

    history of the German Occupation of Denmark 1940-45
     - the resistance movements
     - Special Operations Executive (SOE)
     - historiography of the Resistance

    Other areas of interest in random order: family history, fantasy literature, J. R. R. Tolkien (and his art languages, especially Quenya and Sindarin), Faroe Islands, religion, mythology, Christianity, theology, history of language, existentialism, Søren Kierkegaard, K. Olesen-Larsen.

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