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Per Gundersen


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Professor, Forest & Landscape Denmark, University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Life Science. Born October 4, 1958; Married, 3 children. Education 1985: Engineer (academic), specialisation Ecology and Environmental Chemistry, the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). 1989: Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences, DTU. 'Air Pollution with Nitrogen Compounds: Effects in Coniferous Forest' (in Danish), 292 pp. Employments 1989-1992: Assistant professor, Laboratory of Environmental Sciences and Ecology, DTU. 1993-2006: Senior scientist, Dept of Applied Ecology, Danish Forest and Landscape Research Institute (DFLRI). 2006: Professor, Dept of Forest and Landscape Ecology, Forest & Landscape Denmark (FLD) University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Life Science Professional career After the PhD I was strongly involved in teaching and development of a new education in environmental science at DTU. My research focused on 'critical loads for nitrogen' and resulted in a concept paper still in use in European air pollution management. From 1993 as senior scientist at DFLRI, I acted as project leader on soft money contracts. Had a 7 month sabbatical at the Ecosystem Center, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole USA in 1995/96. My main achievements as senior scientist was 1) a synthesis paper on ecosystem responses to N addition in forest which one of the authoritative papers in the field; 2) the compilation and analysis of observational data on N cycling leading to a number of well cited papers including the documentation of the control of soil C on the forest N cycle; 3) the use of 15N fate to track N and C retention; 4) a major synthesis on nitrate leaching from forests; 5) the development of an experimental concept for simulating ecosystem warming by use of automatic curtains keeping heat in the system at night, now used in 10+ experiments in Europe; and 6) a cooperation with S. China Inst. of Botany on N experiments in tropical forests, 15 papers. My skills in research innovation may be illustrated by my involvement in the development of 5 successful proposals (one as coordinator) during the EU FP5 programme period. Now Professor at FLD with a moderate teaching responsibility and currently supervisor for 2 PhDs. Resent works are on environmental services and C sequestration in soils. Key research topics: Biogeochemical cycling of N, C and water with main emphasis on N cycling in forests where I have become one of the leading scientists in Europe. Controls on C sequestration in forest soils (N, tree species, forest age). Afforestation impacts on soil and water. Forest monitoring methods. Long-term manipulation experiments. Climate change and mitigation. Environmental services from forests. Impact I have co-authored 80 refereed papers (69 in ISI journals) which have generated >2900 citations (Web of Science). The two best papers each have ≈300 citations. h-index: 31 . Services to academia, memberships. Subject editor of Biogeochemistry, Springer Verlag 2003-2008. Member of the steering committee for the Strategic Research Initiative on Water at LIFE-KU. Member of COST Action FP 0803 "Belowground carbon turnover in European Forests". Major recent projects coordinator / project leader responsibility 2010-2014 Forest Soil C Sink Nordic Network, NordForsk, 3 mill. DKK. Co-ordinator. 2009-2012 Carbon sequestration in forest soils - the effect of nitrogen deposition. Villum Fonden, 3,3 mill. 2006-2011 NitroEurope IP "The nitrogen cycle and its influence on the European greenhouse gas balance", 1,9 mill DKK; Activity leader for 12 experiments in forests. 2005-2014 Centre of Advanced Research in Environmental Services (CAR-ES), Nordic research network, SNS 0,4 mill. DKK/yr. Co-ordinator. 2001-2005 Carbon-Nitrogen interactions in forest ecosystems (CNTER), EU-project, 11 partners from 8 countries, 3.5 mill DKK (total 20 mill. DKK). Co-ordinator. Supervision and teaching Current PhD supervision of Shimon Ozeri Ginzburg and Teresa Gomez de la Barcena. Supervision of one MSc. Visiting scholars: PhD-student Lei Liu (2010), Prof. Jiang-Ming Mo (2008) and Postdoc Yun-Ting Fang (2007-8) all South China Institute of Botany. Marie Curie post doc Lars-Ola Nilsson (2007-9) Lund Univ. Senior scientist Bjørn Berg (2005-6) Univ. of Bayreuth. Teaching: MSc course 'Land Use, Element Balances and Environmental impact', contributing teacher in three other courses. Publication counts Peer reviewed articles: 80; Monographs: 1; Book chapters: 3; Proceedings: 75; Public outreach activities: 65; Reports and report contributions: 43.

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