Olivia Dahl

Olivia Dahl

PhD fellow


I research the good life in relation to everyday life for individuals with functional variations and disabilities. My research interests include disability studies, including crip studies, qualitative methods, critical and post-structuralist theory, the sociology of everyday life, the sociology of emotions, and microinteractional sociology. I employ both classical sociological qualitative and quantitative methods to investigate people's experiences and daily life.

In connection with this, I have developed a writing school and a community called "The School for Crip Poetry" with the poet Caspar Eric. Here, I explore what happens when people in marginalized positions collectively write poetry about existence.

I also teach at the University of Copenhagen in subjects such as Advanced Qualitative Methods for undergraduate students and Method Cafés for graduate students. Additionally, I give guest lectures at the University of Copenhagen with titles such as "From 'fixing' to 'celebrating' bodily variations and disabilities" and "Nothing about us - without us - group identities and good lives."

My research communication includes numerous lectures, presentations, and workshops for professionals, organizations, foundations, and municipalities. I have participated in programs such as Deadline on DR, Kulturen on PI with Sørine Gotfredsen, podcast projects with Felix Smith, Talk with Caspar Eric at Politiken's Stage at Folkemødet, UIA World Congress, and at institutions such as Rigshospitalet, Køge Kommune, Muskelsvindfonden, Elsass Fonden, Bevica Fonden, Fysioterapeuternes Fagkongres, and Bygherreforeningen. In these contexts, I contribute a sociological research perspective on everyday life with disabilities.

Furthermore, I am active in boards and research communities. I am a member of the Bevica Fonden's Universal Design Ph.D. and PostDoc network and a board member of the Danish Network for Disability Research (NNDR - Nordic Network on Disability Research).

My research is funded by the Elsass Fonden, and I am employed at the Department of Sociology where I work on a daily basis.

Contact: odn@soc.ku.dk, Phone: +45 51 20 40 75

ID: 291198036