Olivia Dahl

Olivia Dahl


My PhD project is about the concept of quality of life related to everyday life with functional variations and disability. My research interests include Critical disability studies, Crip-theory, sociology of everyday life, and micro-sociology. I use both qualitative and quantitative methods to investigate people's experiences in everyday life. Caspar Eric (poet) and I have also developed a writing school and a community called "The School of Crip Poetry", where I investigate what happens when people in marginalized positions collectively write poetry about it.

Teaching at the University of Copenhagen:

  • Advanced Qualitative Methods for Bachelor's students
  • Methodology café aimed at Master's students
  • Guest lectures on health sciences with my main supervisor Inge Kryger Pedersen

Other research dissemination
I regularly give lectures, presentations, guest lectures, and facilitate workshops for professionals, organizations, foundations, municipalities, etc. Examples of research dissemination include:

  • Debate on "Research, Poetry and Social Change" for the Bevica Foundation's 150th anniversary with poet Caspar Eric and researcher Emil Falster
  • Lecture to employees at Videnscenter om Handicap: "From "fixing" to "celebrating" disability"
  • Guest lecture on Public Health with a focus on medical, social, and post-structuralist trends in Disability studies. Title: "From "fixing" to "celebrating" bodily variations and disabilities"
  • Lecture to physiotherapists at their professional congress: "Being and becoming with functional variations and disabilities - and the role and power of physiotherapists"
  • Guest lecture on Public Health with a focus on capability, internalized stigma, and empowerment. Title: "Nothing about us without us - group identities and good lives"
  • Guest lecture in the course "Gender, ethnicity and post-colonialism" with the title: "From "fixing" to reclaiming disability: An introduction to disability studies" at the Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen.
  • Radio4 program on the history of disability, ableism, Crip Theory, and the welfare state on the occasion of the publication of Caspar Eric's book "Nye Balancer" (2023).

Board memberships and research communities

  • Member of the Bevica Foundation's Universal Design Ph.d and PostDoc network
  • Board member of the Nordic Network on Disability Research (NNDR)

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