Ole Jannik Bjerrum

Ole Jannik Bjerrum

Professor, emeritus

Primary fields of research

Better pharmacotherapies and profylaxes of neuropathic pain

Animal pain models for monitoring of pain releaving effect of new compounds

Development of in silico models for simulation of pharmacodynamic effects in pain treatment

Faster drug development through microdosing

Faster and improved registration of adverse drug reactions

Current research

  • effect of co-administration of drugs with different target for better treatment of neuropathic pain
  • genetic background for being predisposed for developing neuropathic pain
  • detection of adverse effects through registration in community pharmacies
  • analysis of the nociceptive compounds in the tentacles of the jellyfish cyanea capillata


Pharmacology and toxicology for pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences students

Master of Industrial Drug Development

European Master of Safety Sciences of Medicines (Innovative Medicines Initiative and EU)

Fields of interest

European research policy for the pharmaceutical industry and biotech

"New Safe Medicines Faster", Innovative Medicines Initiative

ID: 1302721