Ole Haagen Nielsen

Ole Haagen Nielsen

Clinical Professor

Primary fields of research

Current research focuses on improvement of diagnosis and pharmacological management of diseases in internal medicine - in particular inflammatory bowel disease. In collaboration with national (the Biotech Research and Innovation Centre, University of Copenhagen and University of Southern Denmark) and international research teams (Boston, Houston, Redwood City/Stanford, Singapore, Ottawa/Toronto, and Zürich) the importance of the intestinal barrier function for maintenance of homeostasis / development of inflammation is investigated, including the impact of intestinal epithelial cells. Further, the multifactorial interplay of gene-environment interaction (genetics and epigenetics as well as environmental factors, including luminal antigens) in the etiopathogenesis of inflammatory bowel disease is a mainstay of interest-based activity.

Fields of interest

Cellular and molecular mechanisms of inflammation pertinent to clinical and pharmacological improvement of patients with disorders related to internal medicine - with particular spotlight on inflammatory bowel disease.

Safeguarding the undergraduate clinical training of medical students in the fields of internal medicine / medical gastroenterology.
Selected Professional Activities
  • Expert Advisor to the Danish Patient Safety Authority (previously Danish Health and Medicines Authority) in internal medicine
  • Board member (internal medicine) of the Danish Appeal Tribunal for Patient Injuries
  • Board Member of the European Commission Expert Panel (and representative of the gastroenterology panel) at Joint Research Centre (JRC), Ispra (VA), to provide scientific opinions. Previously Council Member (internal medicine) of the Danish Council for Independent Research (Medical Sciences), the Norwegian Research Council (FRIMEDBIO), the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet), and ad hoc Assessor at Horizon Europe, the German Research Council (DFG), Science Foundation Ireland, the French High Council for Evaluation of Research and Higher Education (Hcéres), French National Research Agency (ANR), Horizon 2020, European Research Council and the Wallenberg Foundation
  • Expert Consultant (medical gastroenterology) at the Danish Medico-Legal Council
  • Member of several editorial committees, including eLife (category of "Medicine"), Inflammation Research, Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology, and the Danish Electronic Doctor’s Handbook (www.sundhed.dk). Former Scientific Editor of Journal of the Danish Medical Association ("Ugeskrift for Laeger") 2001-2007. Moreover, appointed member of the Danish Bibliometric Research Indicator 2011-2017 (Ministry of Higher Education and Science), hereof Chair of the Expert Panel "Internal Medicine" for 3 years
  • Board member of the Danish Committees on Scientific Dishonesty 2004-2016 - and Editor-in-Chief of "Guidelines for Good Scientific Practice with special focus on health science, natural science and technical science" (to be downloaded as a PDF via the webpage of the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science)
  • Chairman of the written internal medicine board exam at University of Copenhagen (1995-2007), and subsequently Chairman of the written portion of the Danish medical licensing examination (internal medicine and surgery) in accordance with the requirements set by the Danish Patient Safety Authority and aimed for doctors educated in 3rd world countries before being permitted to practise in Denmark (2010-2020)

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