Niels Kærgård

Niels Kærgård

Professor, emeritus

MSc in Economics, University of Copenhagen, 1970
PhD, University of Copenhagen, 1975

Professor of agricultural economics, KVL, since 1993.
Associate professor in macroeconomics, University of Copenhagen, 1975-1992.

Works with agricultural politics, economic politics, econometrics, economic history and history of economic theory and welfare state research.

Teaches currently economic politics and introductory economics. Has previously taught agricultural politics, macroeconomics, econometrics and economic history.

Administrative tasks, committees, etc.
Member of Academic Council, LIFE, member of the board of FOI, LIFE’s representative at steering committee of Gl. Estrups, member of the board of management of Carlsberg Fondet, member of the board of Carlsberg A/S, member of the research political council of Videnskabernes Selskab, member of the council of Center for welfare state research, University of Southern Denmark and external examiner at various universities.

ID: 4236267