Nicolaus Falk-Scheibel

Nicolaus Falk-Scheibel

teaching assistant, Assistant lecturer

Member of:

    Nicolaus Falk-Scheibel is employed as a teaching assistant for the subject "Compensation and contract".

    Nicolaus Falk-Scheibel has a PhD from the University of Copenhagen. The PhD degree was awarded on the basis of the thesis "Digital Entrepriseret - Building Information Modelling; fortolkning, adfærdsnormer, ydelser og ansvar". The thesis deals with the digitization of the construction industry and  BIM, and the legal consequences hereof, in particular the parties' duty to act, services and the distribution of risk and responsibility.

    Primary fields of research

    Construction Law, Contract Law, and Digitalization.


    Contract Law and Torts, Construction Law.

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