Mostafa Shehata

Mostafa Shehata


My research focus lies in political and intercultural communication, with a particular emphasis on the Middle East. I explore the intricate dynamics between media, politics, culture, and religion across the region. This research field has evolved from the foundation of my Ph.D. earned at Roskilde University in 2018, subsequently leading to my role as an external lecturer at the same institution until 2019.

I also explore the relationship between media and contentious politics within the Arab diaspora. A notable involvement in this domain centers around the collective research project (Mediatized Diaspora), in which I contributed as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Copenhagen in 2019. The project's focal point revolved around the experiences of Tunisian, Syrian, Egyptian, and Bahraini communities residing in Europe.

Current research

Currently, my academic pursuits center on the journalistic practices within the MENA region during global crises, including COVID-19 and climate change. My involvement in this research stems from my role as an assistant professor at Menoufia University since 2020. This endeavor is part of the "Global Risk Journalism Hub" research project, which brings together 80 researchers worldwide. As part of this project, the Arab team—composed of researchers from KSA, UAE, Lebanon, Tunisia, Egypt, and Kuwait—focuses on post-COVID-19 journalism and environmental reporting dynamics within the region.

Fields of interest

Middle East and Arab media and politics — Diaspora — Intercultural communication — Political communication — Social Movements — Media/communication — Globalization — Quantitative research — Qualitative research. 

Research projects

1- Mediatized diaspora (MEDIASP) - Contentious politics among Arab media users in Europe

2- Global risk journalism (GRJH)


Throughout my academic career, I have been actively involved in teaching a diverse range of courses across various educational contexts. Following my graduation, I have assumed different teaching roles such as assistant, supervisor, co-lecturer and lecturer. The subjects I have taught span a spectrum from Middle Eastern and media to communication and culture. A few illustrative examples of these courses comprise:

  • Media In the Middle East
  • Society Debate and Communication
  • Communication Research Methods
  • Communication Theories
  • Public Opinion
  • Translation
  • Globalization And Mediatization
  • Global Communication
  • Contemporary Themes in International Communication
  • Introduction To Mass

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