Morten Bjørner

Morten Bjørner

Part-time lecturer

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    Rolighedsvej 23, 1958 Frederiksberg C

Since 2016 I have been part time lecturer on the mandatory Ph.D.-course on Responsible Conduct of Research, held at both the Faculty of SCIENCE and the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. The course aims to help the Ph.D.-students identify and manage the ethical dilemmas and potential conflicts they might encounter during their research carreer, which includes discussion and awareness of rules and regulations, authorship issues, conflicts of interest and responsible public science communication. 

I have previously also been employed as an academic officer (editorial secretary) connected to the research journal Women, Gender & Research, and as Part Time Lecturer at the Faculty of Health Sciences, where I taught Medical Ethics and Philosophy to medical students.

Before that, I was based at the Medical Museion with a post doc project that formed part of the KU 2016 project "Interdisciplinary and cross-faculty education". My project there focused on science communication as an important tool and prerequisite for interdisciplinarity, and I developed a teaching based investigation of science communication as a tool to gain knowledge about the problematics of interdisciplinarity, and as a method to facilitate interdisciplinarity. During the project I created and was course leader of two master's courses held at the Department of Public Health.

My Ph.D.-dissertation was about the history of the concept of 'Successful ageing', and how that concept has been discussed, developed and criticised within the broad field of ageing research. Particular interests for me was how the concept related to both interdisciplinary discussions and scientific developments, and to important ethical considerations about frailty and vulnerability.

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