Mikkel Gabriel Christoffersen

Mikkel Gabriel Christoffersen


Current research

A theology of shame. Investigating an interdisciplinary source material on shame (psychology, sociology, philosophy, and theology), the project Ambiguities of Shame develops a theology of shame which takes into account the ambiguities of this phenomenon. The main research question is: how do live with shame between shamefulness and shamelessness? The Carlsberg foundation supports this project in two years from April 1 2019.

Primary fields of research

  • Interdisciplinary theology with regards to risk and danger. This project has investigated theological models for understanding and living with risk and danger in a Christian context. The results are being fine-tuned towards publication with Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht.
  • Theology of forgiveness and reconciliation. This project develops a cricial model for the relationship between forgiveness and reconciliation. I draw special attention to the emotions that belong to a process of reconciliation.
  • Protestant systematic theology after WWI

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