Mie Seest Dam

Mie Seest Dam

Assistant Professor

Primary fields of research

My research is placed at the intersection between medical science and technology studies (STS) and medical anthropology. Through ethnographic fieldwork primarily in animal laboratories and at hospitals, I explore how the development of new medical treatments shapes what it takes to be patient, person and citizen in the Danish health care system. In my Ph.D. study I investigated how experimental and clinical researchers in the field of neonatology navigate scientific and moral ideals as they seek to accommodate funding bodies' demands for research that translates into better health for humans and new commercial products. In my postdoctoral research I explore the social and organizational aspects of translational cancer genomics in the context of the Danish welfare state.This project is part of the larger Samper Ardens research project ’Personalized Medicine In the Welfare State’(MeInWe), led by professor Mette Nordahl Svendsen.



I teach Qualitative Methods, Health policy analysis, Health Care Systems and Organization.

I supervise Bachelor’s, Master’s, and MPH students who investigate public health issues by qualitative methods.

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