Michael Lund Nielsen

Michael Lund Nielsen


Michael Lund Nielsen 

Current position 
Sep 2014–:

Professor, Proteomics Program, CPR, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen

Previous positions
Jul. 2009–Sept. 2014:

Associate professor, Proteomics Program, CPR, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Apr. 2007–Jul. 2009:

EMBO postdoctoral fellow, Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Department of Proteomics & Signal Transduction, Martinsried, Munich, Germany

Feb. 2001–Feb. 2003:

Staff scientist, Proteomics Research Department, MDS Proteomics A/S, Odense, Denmark

Feb. 2003–Apr. 2007:

PhD in ion physics and mass spectrometry, Laboratory for Biological Mass Spectrometry, Uppsala University, Sweden (defended Feb. 2007)

Jan. 2001:

MSc in Applied Mathematics and Chemistry

Oct. 1998:

BSc in Analytical Chemistry


Research awards

2014:    Sapere Aude research award, Danish Research Council

2007:    EMBO long-term fellowship

2005:    Keystone Symposia Scholarship, proteomics and bioinformatics

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