Mette Rosenkilde

Mette Rosenkilde


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    Mette Rosenkilde is professor at the Department of Biomedical Sciences (BMI). She is head of the Molecular Pharmacology Laboratory (MolPharm) where the common research theme is the relationship between structure and function of 7TM (seven transmembrane segment), G protein-coupled receptors.


    Possible conflicts of interest

    Professor Mette Rosenkilde is co-founder of different start-ups:

    • Inagen (2007)
    • Antag Therapeutics (2016)
    • Synklino (2017)
    • Bainan (2018)

    MolPharm/BMI collaborates with Antag Therapeutics, Bainan Biotech and Synklino on a variety of research projects with the aim of generating new knowledge that can be used in the prevention and treatment of diseases.

    Mette Rosenkilde does not receive salary from any of the companies.

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