Martin Friis

Martin Friis

External Lecturer

Current research

My teaching portfolio includes:

  • In New Testament Exegesis: Introductory course to the New Testament; Galatians; Romans; First Timothy; the Gospel of Mark, and the Gospel of John.
  • In Old Testament Exegesis: Selected parts of Genesis alongside various chapters in the Pentateuch, in the historical books, in the prophets, in wisdom literature and in several psalms.
  • In Systematic Theology & Ecumenical Theology: creeds of the early church, Luther, Confessio Augustana etc.
  • In Ethics and Philosophy of Religion: Aristotle, Kant, Kierkegaard etc.
  • In the writings of Flavius Josephus: Josephus' presentation of the heroes and villains of the Old Testament.

Primary fields of research

  • Pauline Christology and anthropology.
  • Moses as the living image of God. Mimcetic theology in the Book of Exodus.
  • Josephus' rendition of the Scriptures in the first eleven books of The Jewish Antiquities and his literary indebtedness to the ancient Greco-Roman historiographical tradition.
  • Masculine and heroic ideals in the New Testament (the gospels and the Book of Acts in particular) in comparison with those in the works of contemporary authors including Josephus, Plutarch and Tacitus.

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