Marie Ryberg

Marie Ryberg


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  • University Science Education

I am a social anthropologist spezialising in educational politics  working at the intersections of science, education and governance. At the heart of my research is an interest in the ways educational institutions regulate how populations and individuals think and act.

My work combines ethnographic and historical approaches to shed light on the consequences of historical transformations, socio-material organization and social interactions for processes of education, teaching and learning.

In my current research project Re-inventing research-based education in the university, I explore the relation between research and teaching in Danish higher education since the 1990s and its transformations in the face of recent organizational and technological change. See more here.

My PhD explored the politics and history of the ways in which interdisciplinarity was governed in Danish high school education and its linkages to progressivist problematizations of disciplinary divides in the social and natural sciences since WW2. I have also worked on governance in elderly care in a Danish context and its relation to standardization and self-management.

I currently teach within university pedagogy and research-based teaching as well as in an introductory course for new PhD students in science. I have taught extensively on qualitative methods, organization and management as well as sociological approaches to communication and science and technology studies.

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