Marie Bojsen-Møller

Marie Bojsen-Møller

teaching assistant, Assistant lecturer

Member of:

    Primary fields of research

    The language and genre of threats

    Everyday written genres

    Forensic Linguistics

    Rhetorical Genre Studies

    Danish Funcional Linguistics

    Danish grammar and pragmatics

    Current research

    My research combines a Forensic Linguistics approach with a Danish Functional Linguistics and Rhetorical Genre Studies framework.

    I hold a PhD from University of Copenhagen, Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics. My dissertation examined threats - or threatening communications - as an illicit genre.  My PhD project was part of the research project ‘The Language and Genre of Threats’ that was funded by the Carlsberg Foundation.


    I currently teach BA courses in philosophy of science and Danish literary history at Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics, University of Copenhagen.
    I have previously taught BA courses in Danish grammar, phonetics, semantics, interactional analysis and general linguistic theory.

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