Marianne Ellegaard

Marianne Ellegaard

External Lecturer

Current research

Diversity, ecology and applications of algae, mainly phytoplankton (diatoms and dinoflagellates).

Current projects
ALgae PHotonics Applications (ALPHA)

Partner in the NordForsk network Prodiversa.

Partner in the FNU project Past and present influence of exchange of ocean water on calving and melt at a large tidewater glacier, Sermilik fjord, SE Greenland with Thorbjørn Joest Andersen,  Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management, UCPH

Partner in the Carlsberg post doc ArcGen on Arctic fjords as archives of phytoplankton microevolution in a warming climate

Applied Marine Biology; Algae biotechnology; Grundkursus i Naturvidenskabernes fagdidaktik (DidG)

Special duties
Development of teaching and education

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