Marianne Achiam

Marianne Achiam

Associate Professor

My research interest is the dissemination of the natural sciences, primarily biology, in out-of-school learning environments such as museums, science centers, aquariums, zoos, etc. I am interested in how communications media such as exhibits and exhibitions, objects, experiments, science shows and live animals disseminate science content to visitors.

My work so far has been based on research from science education research and has investigated how this research can be adapted to out-of-school learning contexts. I have well-established collaborations with the Natural History Museum of Denmark, Experimentarium, The Blue Planet and Geocenter Møns Klint, and welcome the oppportunity to serve as an advisor for research projects, including bachelor's, master's and ph.d. projects dealing with the design or analysis of informal learning situations.

My special interests are:
  • Immersion exhibits and exhibits
  • Design affordances: What do the exhibition/exhibit characteristics mean for the communication of content?
  • The link between the research programme ATD (the Anthropological Theory of Didactics) and informal learning environments
  • The development of design models for use in informal learning environments
  • School-industry partnerships
  • Object and artefact mediated learning

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