Maria Juul Hansen

Maria Juul Hansen


I am a postdoc at University of Copenhagen at Department of Economics and affiliated with Centre for Computational Economics. I hold a BSc, MSc and PhD in Economics from University of Copenhagen. 

My research interests include urban economics, family economics, structural (dynamic) models and hedonic models. I have a particular interest in whether the depopulation of rural areas should be avoided, and if so, how that can be achieved. Also the interplay between location choices, house prices and labor markets are of great interest to me.

Current research

My current research focuses on estimating structural dynamic models of the simultaneous choice of home and work locations for individuals (in an equilibrium setting) and for 2-person households (in a partial equilibrium setting), respectively. I also do work on hedonic price estimation and on estimation of dynamic effects of public expenditure. 

Primary fields of research

  • Structural microeconometrics
  • Dynamic programming
  • Urban economics
  • Location choice
  • Labor Economics




  • Introductory Probability Theory and Statistics (1st-year course in the Computer Science-Economics program, spring 2020)

Teaching Assistant

  • Dynamic Programming (Master's/PhD course, spring 2016)

ID: 143257436