Magnus Møller Ziegler

Magnus Møller Ziegler

Assistant lecturer

Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Political Science. MA in Philosophy (UCPH, 2016). Ph.D. Fellow at Aarhus University (2017-2020).

Primary fields of research

My research is in the history of political thought. My main interest is the intellectual discourse of the German Vormärz period (c. 1820-1848), mainly political Hegelianism and the cultural and socio-political reception of Hegel's philosophy more broadly, but also discussions about constitutionalism, press freedom, and the relationship between religion and politics. I also do research on Karl Marx, both as an integrated part of and as an outlier to the above.

Current research

I am currently writing up my PhD dissertation, which is on Young Hegelian continuites in Karl Marx's Capital. I hope to hand in the dissertation in 2023, though a global pandemic has put serious strain on my efforts.

Futher, I am also currently interested in:

  • Symbolic topography in Young Hegelianism
  • Karl Marx's relationship to K. F. Köppen
  • The future as an analytical category in political Hegelianism
  • Structural Topic Modeling and text-as-data methods in the history of political thought


Spring 2024
  • Marx for the 21st Century (elective)
Autumn 2023
  • Philosophy of science and methodology (BA)
  • Sociology 101 (BA)
  • BA project supervision

I supervise projects broadly within political theory and methodology. I am especially interested in the following topics:

  • The history of political thought
  • Political philosophy
  • Critical theory
  • Philosophy of science
  • Marx and Marxism
  • Feminist philosophy and political theory

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