Lotte Bang Pedersen

Lotte Bang Pedersen



PhD, Medical Microbiology, July 1996, University of Århus, DK

MS, Chemistry-Biotechnology, April 1994, University of Århus


Sept 2019-present: Professor, Dept. of Biology, University of Copenhagen (UCPH)

2009-2019: Associate Professor, Dept. of Biology, UCPH

2005-2008: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biology, UCPH

2004- 2005: Associate Research Scientist, Dept. of Mol. Cell. & Dev. Biol., Yale Univ., USA

2000-2004: Postdoc, Dept. of Mol. Cell. & Dev. Biol., Yale Univ., USA

1997-2000: Postdoc, Dept. of Biochemistry, UConn Health Center, CT, USA


2005-present: Co-head of the Cilia group, Dept. of Biology, UCPH

2010-present: Coordinator of Nordic Cilia and Centrosome Network 

2005-present: Supervisor for 52 BS students, 41 MS students, 9 PhD students, 4 postdocs


Feb 2019-present: Head of Study Council for Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, UCPH

2017-2020: Member of Strategic Research Board, Dept. of Biology, UCPH

2014-present: Member of Study Council for Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, UCPH

2013-2016: Member of Academic Council, Faculty of Science, UCPH


2020-2023: H2020-MSCA-ITN-2019, “SCilS-Studying Ciliary Signaling in Development and Disease” (co-PI with 9 other European participants; 3.844.874 €)

2019-2021: Novo Nordisk Foundation, "Dissecting the role of DLG1 in regulating the length and function of primary cilia: implications for cystic kidney disease" (PI; 2.400.000 DKK)

2018-2020: Carlsberg Foundation, “Regulation of ciliary length and function by centrosomal protein CEP78” (PI; 550.000 DKK)

2018-2020: Independent Research Fund Denmark, “Vision and hearing loss: modeling a new ciliopathy associated with mutations in CEP78” (PI; 2.254.977 DKK)

2017-2018: EMBO Courses & Workshops Programme, funding of the EMBO Workshop: Cilia 2018, (PI, €33,500)

2017-2019: Danish Council for Independent Research, “Coordination of PDGFRa and TGFb signaling at the primary cilium” (co-PI; 2.390.158 DKK)

2017-2018: Danish Cancer Society, “Regulation of Wnt signaling at the primary cilium by kinesin-3 motors and caveolin-1” (PI; 1.400.000 DKK)

2016-2017: Novo Nordisk Foundation, “Regulation of Hippo signalling by primary cilia and kinesin-3 motor proteins” (PI; 1.200.000 DKK).

2016: Carlsberg Foundation, “Regulation of polarized trafficking of ion transport proteins and signaling receptors in epithelial cells” (co-PI; 300.000 DKK)

2015: EMBO Courses & Workshops Programme: €23,345 for the conference Cilia2016, (co-PI)

2015: Novo Nordisk Foundation, “Regulation of Hippo signalling by primary cilia and kinesin-3 motor proteins” (PI; 700.000 DKK)

2013-2016: Danish Council for Independent Research, “Ciliopathies and congenital heart disease: the role of novel ciliary proteins in signaling and cardiogenesis” (co-PI; 4.363.200 DKK)

2013-2016: UCPH 2016 Excellence Program, “Global genes local concerns” (co-PI; 24.168.000 DKK)


Oct 2018: Main organizer of the EMBO Workshop: Cilia 2018, Scandic Copenhagen 

Oct 2016: Co-organizer and session chair, EMBO Workshop: Cilia2016, Amsterdam 

Sept 2015: Session chair, European Cytoskeleton Forum meeting, Ljubliana, SVN

Nov 2014:Co-organizer and session chair, Cilia2014, Paris 


  • Member of Board of Reviewing Editors at eLife (since 2019)
  • Member of the editorial board of “Cell Biology International” and “Cilia” (Section Editor).
  • Guest editor of the thematic series on Ciliary Assembly Mechanisms, Cilia, 2013
  • Grant reviewer for The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, Wellcome Trust (UK), Medical Research Council (UK), The Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale (F), Agence Nationale de la Recherche (F), Deutsche Forschnungsgemeinschaft (D), United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation (USA), Radboud University Medical School Fellowship Application (NL), European Research Council
  • Reviewer for the journals Dev Dynamics, Cell Mol Life Sci, Curr Biol, J Cell Sci, Mol Biol Cell, Cilia, Nat Cell Biol, J Cell Biol, PLoS Pathogens, Nat Comm, Cell Rep, PloS Genet, Elife, Trends Cell Biol, Bioessays, Open Biology, Development
  • PhD thesis evaluator/opponent for: Lis Jakobsen (2010) and Katja Larsen (2013), University of Southern Denmark; Diego Huet, Pasteur Institute Paris (2013); Signe S. Kirkegaard, UCPH (2013; committee chair); Andrea S. Marques, University of Utrecht (2015); Daniel Sauter, UCPH (2015; committee chair); Noemie Scheidel, University College Dublin (2017); Andrea Bieder, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm (2018); Ditte Reker, UCPH (2018; committee chair); Christina Stefanitsch, Karolinska Institutet Stockholm (2019); Jens Vogensen, UCPH (2019; committee chair).



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