Long Nguyen

Long Nguyen

Tenure Track Assistant Professor

Primary fields of research

My research focuses on method development in prediction modelling and causal inference. Although there is often a clear distinction between these two paradigms in epidemiology, I believe that methodological advances made within each area could enrich that of the other. I think that innovative methods helping researchers address current challenges in public health can be born from bridging separated worlds of knowledge.

I mainly work in the methodology of prognostic modelling - both for predictive and causal inference purposes. My methods focuses on the use of prognostic scores for prediction, but also estimation of population-level and individualised patient-level causal effects. My methodological work applies to both experimental studies and observational studies. For causal inference in observational studies, I also work on other methods based on counterfactual framework (e.g. matching methods, model-based standardization, inverse probability weighting, propensity score analysis.)


I am involved in different courses at the University of Copenhagen:

- "Prognostic Research in Precision Public Health", PhD course (course leader)

- "Playfulness and Connection in Teaching", PhD course (course leader)

- "Conducting and Reporting a Propensity Score Analysis", PhD course (course leader)

- "Precision Medicine in Public Health", MSc in Public Health (couse co-leader)

- "Statistics, Epidemiology and Social Medicine", medical studies (course co-leader)

- "Epidemiological Methods in Medical Research", PhD course (teacher)

- "Causal Inference, part II", PhD course (teacher)

- "Epidemiology", MSc in Public Health (teacher)

Fields of interest

Learning community; public outreach; connecting separate forms of knowledge: @no.hoi.bro

ID: 214000902