Lone Brøndsted

Lone Brøndsted


I am newly appointed Professor in Phage biology and biocontrol and am heading an internationally recognized research group within this area. We are known worldwide for our excellent molecular work of bacteria-phage interactions and phage biology in particular within our recent advancement of molecular understanding of Campylobacter phages. Current research includes exploring the antimicrobial potential of phages and phage proteins into novel approaches within detection and biocontrol of food borne pathogenic bacteria such as SalmonellaCampylobacter and E. coli. In addition, we elucidate the molecular interactions between phages and bacteria as well as their evolution. I have extensive management experience and I am formally educated in both project and research management and have a distinguished ability to motivate teams toward a common goal. 

Primary fields of research

Bacteriophage biology

Biocontrol and Food safety

Patogenic bacteria

Campylobacter, Salmonella, E. coli

ID: 4239407