Line Svennesen

Line Svennesen

Assistant Professor

Line Svennesen is educated vet at university of Copenhagen in 2014. Since, Line has been employed at the Departement of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, University of Copenhagen. Line did her PhD at the same department year 2015-2019.


Lines research is focused on mastitis in dairy cattle. Line mainly work with on-farm trials. During her PhD she worked with diagnosis of mastitis with contagious pathogens. Now Line is working within the Danish Udder Health Centre, where the focus at the moment is to minimize antibiotic usage for mastitis in dairy cattle, e.g. by selection of cows for treatment.

Possible conflicts of interest

Line collaborates with different branches of dairy production, including farmers, veterinary practitioners, companies, other universities and organizations. This primarily during external funded projects.

In this, Line always acts as an employee at the University of Copenhagen, and is not payed from external collaboraters. Written contracts always declares the rights and responsibility of the different collaborators witin a project.

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