Line Burholt Kristensen

Line Burholt Kristensen

Associate Professor

Primary fields of research

  • Psycholinguistics, experimental linguistics, neurolinguistics
  • Grammar, information structure, syntax, semantics, pragmatics

Current research

I am the leader of the newly started research group "Broken Grammar & Beyond", financed by Independent Research Fund Denmark. The project combines the psycho- and neurolinguistic experiments with grammar research and studies of Danish as a foreign language.

In the research group we compare grammatical anomalies in texts from writers with Danish as a mother tongue with texts from writers that have Danish as a foreign language (students at language schools). We investigate the types and frequencies of grammatical anomalies that occur in these two groups.

In the later stages of the project we investigate how language users react to grammatical anomalies, measuring reading times and text comprehension. We will also investigate the neural underpinnings of these processes using neuroimaging techniques.

Other research activities
- What is grammar? From 2013-2017 I was a postdoc at the ProGram project led by associate professor Kasper Boye, University of Copenhagen. The project investigated how the brain processes grammar. I carried out reading and listening experiments and did neuroimaging studies (fMRI).
- How are sentences processed? In my PhD thesis "Context, you need" from 2013, I investigated how information structure and sentence context affect sentence processing as well as the interaction between them.


I teach at the BA and MA level of Linguistics, Audiologopedics, Danish and IT & Cognition.

I supervise students on experimental linguistics and in relation to the ProGram project. Please contact me if you would like a list a topic suggestions for e.g. your bachelor project or master thesis. 

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