Linda Nielsen

Linda Nielsen


Member of:

    Professor of Global Governance

    Global Governance (CSR and Biolaw); Financial Regulation (Banking Law, Investment Law and Pension Law)



    Primary fields of research

    Global Governance (CSR and Biolaw); Financial Regulation (Banking Law, Investment Law and Pension Law); and Family Law

    Professor Linda Nielsen is Professor of Global Governance. Her academic fields include iSocial responsibility (CSR), Financial Regulation and Governance of New Technologies.

    In relation to reserach in CSR she makes use of experience from being a chair of the Danish National Contact Point  to the OECD regarding the OECD Guidelines (The Mediation and Complaints-Handling Institution)and havning close collaboration with the OECD. Responsible investments are part of the research.

    In relation to research in Biolaw she makes use of a long experience as Vice-President of EU’s Ethics Committee (EGE – European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies), embracing Biotechnology and ICT.

    The financial regulation includes Banking Law, Investment Law and Pension Law, both Scandinavian and EU regulations in the different fields.  In this respect she makes use of a long practical experience serving as chairman and member of boards in all of these fields. Ares of research include governance of financial institutions and AML - Anti Money Laudering, using the experience from being a chairman of Finance Denmarks Anti Money Laudering Task Force.

    A new topic of academic interest is the new Technologies in the Financial areas - FinTech, blockchain etc -  where experience from the other areas can be used. Regulatory strategies, regulatory models and proposals for future regulation are part of the research.

    Linda Nielsen has published a book on Finacial regulation, embracing bank, investement and pension ("Finansret - Bank, Realkredit, Investering Pension") and is co-author of a book on Familiy Law ("Familieretten" together with professor Ingrid Lund-Andersen) and Sucession Law ("Arveret", sammen med Professor Ingrid Lund-Andersen og professor Rasmus Kristian Feldthusen). 


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