Lene Schøsler

Lene Schøsler

Emerita, Professor, emeritus

Current research

I am currently working with:

  • Theories of language change and linguistic variation: variation over time (=diachronic v.), geographical v. (=diatopic v.), social v. (=diastratic v.), stylistic v. (=diaphasic v.) and variation depending on the type of communication (=diamesic v.)
  • More specifically, I examine linguistic variation in 17th century French, when the modern norm began to take shape and grammars and dictionaries were elaborated. This part of my research is rooted in my work with Leonora Christina's French autobiography from 1673. It includes a comparison between Leonora Christina's French and the French of contemporary noble or royal French women, see se Akhøj Nielsen, Marita & Schøsler, Lene: Leonora Christinas franske selvbiografi. Diplomatarisk udgave og dansk oversættelse. 315 sider. Det Danske Sprog- og Litteraturselskab: København https://www.universitypress.dk/shop/leonora-christinas-franske-3887p.html
  • Corpus linguistics, currently lemmatization of Leonora Christina's French autobiography on an official French website in collaboration with Gilles Souvay, see http://www.atilf.fr/LGeRM/DenFranskeSelvbiografi and lemmatization of Mme de Lafayette's contemporary text, Henriette d'Angleterre
  • I also work with language change from Latin to older French, as part of an international collaboration https://anr.fr/Projet-ANR-14-FRAL-0006
  • As part of a project on the relationship between language, cognition and society, I am investigating the concept of time. The study is semasiological and i.a. based on Lakoff & Johnson's metaphor theory. The focus is on changes in the perception of time as expressed in texts in Latin (tempus) and French (temps) during the Reformation.

Areas of interest

In addition to the mentioned research areas:

  • research policy, with a particular focus on the situation of foreign language studies
  • education policy, with a particular focus on the situation of foreign language studies

Primary research areas

  • Language change
  • Variational linguistic
  • Grammaticalisation
  • Constructions and paradigms

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